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Maniacal Phantasmagoria

Recent Entries

3/18/07 09:44 pm - NEW WTF!!!

Here's just a few more additions we've made to the wtf.txt file since the last time I posted it on here...

"I like that white chocolate shit man.......and it's not dark, either." -Matthew

"So are we talking about this while we're camping, or while we're talking?" -Jody, while we were having a conversation in D&D

"Now let's run away...on horseback..." -Matthew, wheeling up an NPC in D&D

"What does regulator give you?" -Jesse
"You get unlimited gun" -Matthew, talking Star Wars BattleFront 2 talk...

1/5/07 03:16 am - wtf

Alright, this is a very special entry for me, and it has a story. For the past while that D&D has existed in my basement and I've been often hosting the company that are the D&D people (primarily Jody, Matthew, Zach, Miller, Megan and John) for whatever other events, I have heard more baffling statements than all my prior years of life put together (roughly estimating). Thus, we had decided to create a simple .txt file that I would keep on my desktop, simply titled "wtf.txt". The idea was simple; every time somebody said anything that made you stare at them for an extra second, and a "What the fuck?" or a "What the fuck are you talking about?" would have felt justified to have said, we would simply write down the appallingly-worded phrase in the txt file. This tradition has gone on for some time now, and it's been careful selection as to which phrases to put in the wtf.txt file. After all, getting up, going to the computer, opening the file, getting the exact phrase structure, typing it out, saving the file, closing it, and going back to your seat is a lot of work. Thus, we've been sure to save only those really precious gems; those ones that make you want to slap the speaker in the face, and maybe clamp their tongue with red-hot tweezers for a few seconds, just for killing the English language to such an extent. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, without further ado, I give you wtf.txt thus far, as of January 05, 2007, 3:09 AM.

"His doing made you...fuckin'...pop."

"You guys are a bunchin nowls."

"There is some animal that's a creature."

"I'm a dog!" -Miller
"You're a DORK." -Zach
"Ok, you open me." -Miller

"Spangal Fannerdash"
-Expression created by Zach

"Then Moses comes and blocks the fuckin' sun and eclipses that shit!"

"+2 to bonus climbing!"

"Everything's bigger in Texas!" -Megan
"Not everthing...not the smaller things." -Jody

"Roll down the window on the hood."

"It's free installation and the first month's free for guess how much?!"

"Man....one day I'll make words go sense."

"Man...he had a 'Take Club'...and it's 2 attack."
-Matthew, playing Oblivion, finding a club dropped by guard.

"It went all quirvy there."

"Your mom even asked you to close your wash."

"...then I went and did some self-defense kills with my mom..."

"That's when I flew past Jody and did my fly-past thing."

That's all for now kids. I'll try and update whenever we get another bundle of these priceless phrases.

12/26/06 06:50 pm - Character Call...

This is a message to all those people that have characters in the story I'm writing. I need names in within a week. I just decided on a week because...you know, it implies urgency. In truth, I'm nowhere near that point in the story. However, if I ever move Jody's ass into illustrating the characters, I will need names to go with those illustrations. Those of you who can't remember your character's name, or if you ever picked one, chances are your character is currently nameless. Those of you wishing to change your character's name also have one week to submit a new name for me. I'm almost afraid to ask some people for fantasy names...so if you're really lost on a name, let me know. I'll try and find something for you. I realize only about 4 people read this blog, and of those, only about 3 have characters...but my hope is that you'll help me spread the word to the other people who have characters. I request a comment on this post, an email, or a text message to let me know. In fact, try all three to make sure I got the message. Thank you all members of the clan and opposition of SA.

12/12/06 12:56 am - Some lyrics...

So I've had this song for ages, and I've always known it fairly well, but I've never bothered to listen to or look up the lyrics. I finally did tonight and it was insane how much this song applied to the lives of some of the people that are or had been closest to me...myself included (though I don't consider myself to be close to myself, or to know myself very well). Anyway, it's from one of my favorite anime, but don't let that turn you off. It's a great song anyway. I highly recommend actually getting this song and listening to it. It sounds so good...especially with the lyrics. If you're gonna try and find it, just search it with the artist "The Seatbelts". Don't let the alternate lyric writer and individual vocal name I list here throw you off. It's performed by the Seatbelts. So without further ado:

"Gotta Knock a Little Harder"
-Lyrics by Tim Jensen
-Vocals by Yoko Kanno
-Performed by The Seatbelts

Happiness is just a word to me,
and it might have meant a thing or two
if I'd known the difference

Emptiness, a lonely parody;
and my life, another smokin' gun;
A sign of my indifference

Always keepin' safe inside,
where no one ever had a chance
to penetrate a break in

Let me tell you some have tried,
but I would slam the door so tight
that they could never get in

Kept my cool under lock and key,
and I never shed a tear;
another sign of my condition

Fear of love or bitter vanity;
that kept me on the run
The main events at my confession

I kept a chain upon my door
that would shake the shame of Cain
into a blind submission

The burning ghost without a name
was still calling all the same,
but I just wouldn't listen

The longer I'd stall,
the further I'd crawl
The further I'd crawl,
the harder I'd fall
I was crawlin' into the fire

The more that I saw,
the further I'd fall
The further I'd fall,
the lower I'd crawl
I kept fallin' into the fire
Into the fire
Into the fire

Suddenly it occurred to me:
the reason for the run and hide
had totaled my existence

Everything left on the other side
could never be much worse that this,
but could I go the distance?

I faced the door and all my shame,
tearin' off each piece of chain,
until they all were broken

But no matter how I tried,
the other side was locked so tight;
That door it wouldn't open

Gave it all that I got,
and started to knock,
shouted for someone
to open the lock
I just gotta get through the door

And the more that I knocked,
the hotter I got
The hotter I got,
the harder I'd knock
I just gotta break through the door

Gotta knock a little harder
Gotta knock a little harder
Gotta knock a little harder
Break through the door

Those of you that this applies to, I sure as hell hope you know who you are. If not, I'll gladly let you know. I probably already have, which is why you've read this entry. In that case, thanks for actually reading. Now go break through that door.

12/8/06 12:42 am - Circles?

So on my way up to Regina, during a time so long ago it could be considered another life, I had been thinking about circles. I was really onto something and I had told myself that I should post it on my blog, for some random bullshit reading for whatever people read this that seem to have nothing better to do. It was so long ago, however, that I had forgotten all of it, so I'll just start rambling about it on here and hopefully it'll lead to most of what had entered my brain at the time. I find typing stuff out actually makes me discover new things to further back my tale. So I had been thinking about many aspects of the circle. First off, it seems that the circle is the only simple shape (that I can think of) that has only one side. A line isn't considered a shape...it's one-dimensional...hardly realistic. A circle hits 2d though, and many of the concepts I make mention of here will even apply to a 3-dimensional sphere...as real as we can get. The only dimension it's missing is time, the 4th dimension. However, time seems to be a dimension that we have made far too much note of all on our own...it's almost not natural anymore. Anyway, so yes "the circle only has one side," as that stupid "Travis" will gladly tell us. Is that singer's name even Travis? If so, that's pretty egotistical of him to name his band after himself only. Maybe all the band members are named Travis. That'd be crazy. The point is that this is why the circle is seen as a symbol of unity and peace, as there are no real sides "facing off" or "opposing" each other. Everything is connected in a circle. Next up is the circle's involvement in all things. It seems all things travel in a cycle. Seasons, life, even after-life and rebirth, as it believed in many religions. Anything religious or natural has some major involvement with a circle. The circle's close tie to nature and all things related to nature seems to be the most common of all shapes. Even with time, history seems to repeat its self often, and we could say that a timeline could really be summed up in more of a circle than a line. The neatest thing is that none of us seem to realize just how often we make history repeat its self. Anyway, next we have the circle's complexity and our inability to understand it. The base number for calculations involving a circle, or therefore a sphere, is pi. Pi is a number that has mystified mathematicians for ages. Though almost everything natural seems to have a pattern, pi apparently does not. Yet we use it so often because it's a necessary number for calculations involving this natural shape. This brings us to the final point I can think of, which is our inability to naturally make a circle. I have heard that it is near impossible to draw a perfect circle by freehand. A square or any other shape with lines is a bit easier, as straight lines are easier to draw than perfect curves. One could say that a perfect square is difficult to draw freehand without the help of a ruler to measure all sides, but I think a circle has that beat, as every degree of a circle must be evenly spaced. One has to wonder if, considering the circle's importance in nature and peace, the fact that we can't draw it is a sure symbol of our inability to truly and totally connect with these two ideals. I welcome arguments, additional points in agreement, or just random thoughts on this topic. Don't leave me hanging, here.

11/3/06 11:44 am - Identity

First off, I'd like to apologize to all those friends of mine with blogs and sites that are updated fairly frequently. I haven't read anyone's journal in a long, long time. One night I'll dedicate myself to your entries and get them all read. Chances are I'll leave no comments, but you know...at least I'll know what's new in your life. Now onto my stupid little emo entry.
I was thinking the other day about identity. I recall talking to Matthew about how we each had several different forms of ourselves, and how they alter as we're around different people or in different situations. There's geek self, the one that we usually show, which is interested in D&D, anime, video games, etc. Even that is divided into degrees, as I'll tell most people I'm into video games, but not mention my anime obsession and very rarely talk about my interest in D&D with new faces. There's the modest social self, which is usually shown at work or around new people in minor situations. This self has a sense of humor, but is too quiet/shy to show it too often. There's the party-goer self, which is rare these days, but still existent. This self goes to parties, or just sits around with friends and drinks, talking about all those stereotypical drinking stories. There's the professional/image self; the self that makes me dress up in the morning and watch my words and actions closely. There's also still my goth/depressed self, but that's only used as a conduit to get to my philosophical self; the one that needs to debate and think constantly about everything there is to question. I had always figured this worked in my favor, as a form of adaptability; I'd be able see many different worlds and experience all kinds of lives. I've recently figured out that it can be more of a curse than a blessing. We can easily portray the wrong "self" to certain people. It's possible that the one we portray is a fake, giving them a wrong impression. Either at first meeting or later meetings; a change from the real self to the fake self, or vice-versa, will throw a person off easily. To all you with multiple selves: I recommend finding your real self. Include all the good sides and bad sides. Chances are your true self takes parts from each other self, but it's not as complex as it sounds. Find your true self and portray only that one. That way, you find the right people that enjoy being with you. It may take a little longer, but at least no one has the wrong impressions, right? It'll save you a lot of trouble. I've run out of time so I can't elaborate more unfortunately. More rambles coming soon.

9/26/06 03:26 pm - Update?

So I realize that I've probably lost what few readers of this I've ever had with my lengthy time with no update. Chances are this place won't be visited for a long long time. I'm sorry people, I've just had nothing to write about. I don't usually like writing the "What's happened to me lately" posts. Besides, nothing huge has happened anyway...other than seeing The Mars Volta live. That was pretty great. Work is still crappy. Anyone got any good ideas for a job I'll actually somewhat enjoy? Computer work? Work not related to people? Yeah...so that's been bleh. MSN has been a thing of the past for me...sorry to all the people that actually enjoyed conversations with me on there. I've been trying to get back on. I've just had a bunch of games I need to get through before the launch dates of the new ones. Tough stuff. In the way of important things, not a lot of new inspiration. Kenton, Barber, and I had some pretty good discussions but nothing that sparked new inspiration to write for me. Wrote a new short story, let me know if you wanna read it. Pretty shitty, but yeah. Otherwise it's just been trying to write my fantasy story/book. That's coming along slowly. Don't worry all you people with a part in it, your character is coming along soon. Watching at anime called "His and Her Circumstances" done by Gainax...I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys anime a fair bit, and wants a fun/cute anime that nails high school life/love right on the head. Anyway, I just wanted to get a newer date on the last post. Next time I'll try to have something that actually makes you think.

P.S. (With no "script" to put this post-wise)- I'm listening to my second ever Jesse Cook song. Listen to it if you like classical guitar and that sort of thing. This guy is amazing.

5/22/06 06:54 pm - Ringtones!

I've decided that whichever friends of mine that actually read this will have the priviledge of a personalized ringtone on my phone. Mostly because I like to know who's calling without having to get to the phone and check it, and I've decided my phone needs some livening up anyway. Whatever you want your ring to be (any song, melody, voice recording, whatever; and yes it can be the actual song, not just a polyphonic melody of the song) just leave it as a comment on here and I will set it as that. That is all.

5/20/06 11:31 pm - ...

Does anybody even read this fucking thing anymore?

5/17/06 11:10 pm - Can't seem to get these lyrics out of my head...

"Now run along my little nightmare;
your job is done here,
you've scared 'em all to death.
If they revive, then just sit there,
Just smile dear; make them thankful for every breath.
The sentence may seem like a lifetime;
a scream, that's curdling the blood they found on you."

Oh Alkaline Trio, how you make me think...uniquely.
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