Jesse (rathael) wrote,

Brain activity...

So, it's been brought to my attention more than a few times in the past few weeks (and more often than usual over the past month or two) that I "think too much." First of all, let me clear one thing up. I'm well aware of the differences between thought activity and paranoia. I am also well aware that I'm far too paranoid these seems to be a growing trait I have that's getting worse and worse. Yes, all that I'm aware of and please do not take this as an attempt to deny those true facts. No, this entry is more about constant thought...still in the realm of plausible.
A recent example. In one of my most recent entries, I presented the scenario of being friends with someone with a well-above-average IQ, and how we would react to them. I've since gotten at least 2 responses telling me that I think too much. With that entry directly? I fail to understand. It's a purely theoretical scenario. We all like the fantasize or imagine what things would be like in one situation or another (though admittedly it is only things we WISH we had.."What if I won $1 million," "What if I had super speed," "If you could be any animal," etc), so what's so odd about imagining other not-so-common scenarios, and really thinking about how we'd behave in them? I think it's fascinating. We learn a lot about each other in that sense; or at least a lot about how we WANT to be. In any theoretical scenario, are reactions that we admit to will almost always be ones that we WANT to have, not necessarily ones that we WOULD have. This is getting off topic but I'd like to give an example. I've talked with old friends over what we would do in a confrontational situation...maybe someone has broken into our house, maybe someone is threatening or about to assault someone we know. Very different scenarios, I know. Anyway, we tend to say that we'd just beat the shit out of this criminal with no mercy, at least until the cops arrive, if we indeed call the cops at all. People tend to overlook the sheer panic and fear that could be running through our veins in the very situation. We've even discussed what we'd do if the foe had a gun, or a group of people with him. People still tend to act like they'd just waltz up to them and knock them out flat within seconds, before they have time to react. Are we really so foolish as to believe it'd be this simple? Look I completely agree that if someone important to us was being assaulted or threatened, of course we should stick up for our friend/relative/whatever and do everything we can to help them. It's just that these people make it sound so easy, like they wouldn't hesitate for even a moment. I believe that some people I know wouldn't, but I also KNOW that some people I know would hesitate more than they currently believe. Anyway, back on topic.
That was just another example of a scenario that is interesting to think about and hear reactions about. I simply don't understand how I'm over-thinking things by just imagining them and realizing how unrealistic they are...
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