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It's been a long time since my last post. I guess I haven't had much to say...or much that I've wanted people to think about. I don't really like doing my bitching on here (there's plenty of it to do though...poor me). I much more thoroughly enjoy posing questions. Thus, I've decided there may be many more short posts with just weird, random questions I think of that I feel like asking people about. Those sort of "what if.." or "if this happened would you..." sort of questions. Scenarios, if you will. So let's start with one already, shall we? This one's especially odd to think about...

If you had a close friend or even a significant other that had a proven-remarkable memory, like I'm talking abnormal, genius-style memory. Not necessarily photographic, but that could apply too. Something that's been studied and proven to be amazing and without-a-doubt accurate, how would you feel? Either to find that out or to always live with it? Think about it. First off there's the whole never forgetting bad things factor, and one could always be worrying this said memory-expert may be holding a grudge. But more importantly, you know all those tiny little disagreements as to something someone said or did, that may come up in the future? And this memory person would say something such as, "I thought you said..." and whether that's the truth and you wanna cover it up, or maybe you don't wanna believe what you said, or maybe you even don't remember it, and you remember something else happening or said entirely, you can usually just be like "no I'm pretty sure I said..." or "no, I remember clearly, I said..." This response could never be valid. It would have to be known between both parties that the rememberer's recollection couldn't really be questioned. You could never cover up past events and you would always feel like you're wrong in little disagreements like that. On the flip side, there are the obvious benefits such as them remembering where you left everything, and being able to perfectly quote all the best jokes and parts in books/movies/games/etc. I feel the frustration and tension would outweigh that, though.

On a similar note, what if you were close with someone that was proven to have genius-or-above intelligence? We're note just talking IQ, though that is mostly what it would be, but I mean up to date with current events, very wise and logical, problem-solving skills, etc. etc. And if they were so skilled that they were actually a part of the press, became famous, and so forth? Would you feel like everything they said was a contradiction to anything you said? Would you imagine disdain, and get the tension of thinking that everything they said was condescending and treating you like a child?

Thoughts, please.
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