Jesse (rathael) wrote,

WANTED: Random Imagery.

Alright so here's the deal. It's time for a new header and/or background. I need to make a collage of really random imagery. I've been debating on making it all myself (similar to an older header I had, but I could only find about four good pics to use), or accepting submissions from my peers. So here's the deal: any cool pics you have, whether they be pics of people, places, things, pics you took yourself, pics you found, screenshots from a game or movie or something, send them to me. Email me as many as you like. The theme of this journal is "Maniacal Phantasmagoria" so I need all kinds of pics; pretty ones, ugly ones, scary ones, weird ones, disturbing ones, etc. I'll try and pic out my favorites and work them into a sort of..."phantasmagorical" collage...and you'll see them on here. Don't go out of your way to send me these or anything, just if you happen to have any cool pics or whatever...send them. My email is now so send them to that. Hope to hear from you all soon.

UPDATE: I've also decided that I need pics of eyes. I want a close-up pic of one eye of yours, similar to each eye in the current header. I think I may make a collage of all my friends' eyes. So get those to me ASAP as well...thanks!
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